Moneypenny Foundation Offers Help and Hope

Mill Hill Consultants are hugely proud to support the Moneypenny Foundation and have found it to be a truly inspirational charity due to its hands-on, can-do approach.  Ros has thoroughly enjoyed working with two women (Diane Aplin and Rachel Clacher) who are positive (often in the most trying of times!) and who are not restrained by red tape but who individually assess each unique situation before deciding on the best plan of action with the full involvement of the individual concerned.  The personal attention given to each person on this traineeship is without doubt the most significant factor contributing to its overwhelming success.

Some words from Diane Aplin, Director at the Moneypenny Foundation:

The Moneypenny Foundation was set up in March 2014 by Moneypenny co-owner Rachel Clacher and Diane Aplin to offer a 26 week traineeship to disadvantaged young people of Wrexham.  By offering life and work experiences with a view to them gaining full time jobs, our objective is for them to learn to contribute to their society through full time employment and understand they have choices.

The traineeship is holistic in its approach believing that to succeed the trainees need meaningful work experience, the opportunity to learn new skills and experiences, and become healthy in mind and body. Key is the involvement of a life coach to work with the trainees regularly, to gain their trust, to allow them to deal with the past and help them prepare for a future.

Our learnings from the pilot project of 2014 was whilst life coaching was pivotal to our success, to be both scalable and sustainable we must review how that service is delivered.  We approached Ros Faulkner in early 2014 to develop and deliver a 1 day residential course to ensure all coaching is delivered consistent with our learnings, in line with protocols developed during the course of the pilot and true to the ethos of the Foundation. Ros worked with us on our recruitment of the coaching team for 2015 and acts as our coaching supervisor, a role she adopts with a light touch acknowledging the wealth of experience in the room but ensuring a review is carried at the conclusion of each coaching morning.

As a coach Ros demonstrated early to us that she understood the integrity of the project and believed in the objectives and goals we were trying to achieve.  She was constructive in her views on how to make the coaching sessions practical and meaningful to the trainees.  She volunteered extra sessions, emergency sessions, support texts and phone calls to the girls in their times of crisis.  The trainees understood that there was a professional relationship between them and their coach which allowed trust to form quickly. And because such a firm platform was formed early, we began to see clear progress much earlier than perhaps we had expected.  During their half way review week the trainees admitted that had it not been for the sessions with their coach they would not have made it that far. 

Of importance is the support she has given Rachel and me as we move through the traineeship, with her experience and skill as a coach to see “normal” patterns of behaviour and when to expect a crisis or a peak of performance.  This has given us the confidence to keep moving forward, to plan for a larger cohort in 2015 and replication in other towns. We hope very much that Ros will be pivotal to that growth.

Diane Aplin

Director Moneypenny Foundation