An iOpener to Happiness at Work

Ros has recently become accredited to deliver the iOpener Institute People and Performance Audit Tool relating to Happiness at Work.

There is very strong evidence to support the theory that people who are happy at work are also more productive at work and consequently deliver more than those who are less happy.

The iOpener model focusses on five areas of satisfaction at work:- Contribution, Conviction, Culture, Commitment, and Confidence. These five areas significantly impact on our sense of pride, trust and recognition which are strong drivers in determining how happy we are at work and consequently impact on our effectiveness at work.

The Tool is quick to administer, inexpensive to deliver and provides insight into an individual’s mind-set at a given point in time. "I have used the questionnaire with clients and have been impressed by how much highly relevant information can be gathered from a 15 minute questionnaire. My clients have all found the feedback reports very helpful in identifying what is working well for them and areas that need addressing. As a coach and trainer I have found this tool very useful to highlight areas that it might otherwise have taken some time to uncover and which are without doubt impacting on performance at work."